Monday, August 23, 2010

Snippy Spinach Salad

Are you ever just totally over it? Summer is here, I have no money, and I work in a windowless basement. All of these things combined have put me in a snippy mood, and I don't want to run home and make something really elaborate to eat. So, here is my go to food when I really don't feel like cooking and don't have the patience for delivery.

Snippy Spinach Salad

-1 lb Chicken Breast
- Spiedie Sauce Marinade
- Baby Spinach
- Strawberries
- Orange
- Feta Cheese
- Balsamic Vinaigrette
- Olive Oil
- Whatever seasonings you have around the house that sound mildly italian

1. Marinade Chicken in Spiedie Sauce for at least a few hours, I usually do it overnight, because Spiedie sauce is one of the most delicious things you will ever have in your whole life. If you don't believe me, buy it yourself here: YUMMY Then you will say, "Thank you Chelle for introducing me to the most delicious marinade on the planet! Here's a check for $100, because without you, I wouldn't have a friend to drunkenly cook food and blog about it!"

2. Cook Chicken in pan on M heat until no longer pink inside, because no one wants ecoli or salmonella... or worms. Dice chicken into bite size pieces and arrange over bed of spinach. Chop up oranges and strawberries and distribute over salad. Sprinkle with Feta Cheese.

3. "Salads taste yucky without dressing!" Why yes, they totally do. For this salad, I like to make a vinaigrette by combining balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and literally every spice in my cupboard. Combine all ingredients into something with a lid and shake the crap out of it.

4. Drink some Redbull and Vodka. Cooking is hard and tiring. Too bad I didn't grow wings so that I could fly to a vacation...

So that's it! The Snippy Spinach Salad. ( I also made some tortellini soup: chicken broth, crushed tomatoes with italian seasoning. Bring to boil, add tortellinis and cook until they float to the top. Super easy, super yummy.)

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  1. Spiedie Sauce, maple syrup and Dino BBQ sauce = my suitcase contents whenever I am going from NY to CA